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As a not-for-profit group, Folklore Ensemble Croatia (F.E.C.), is sustained by
its annual memberships and fundraising efforts. Fundraising is extremely

important in helping to maintain any non-profit group or organization,
especially a group of our size.

For many year now, we have been fortunate to have been given the chance to
align ourselves with Rama Gaming House Mississauga & Mississauga Charitable Gaming Association.
Our work within the Centre allows us to raise much needed money to help keep our non-profit
sustainable by offsetting some of the operating costs associated within our group.

Rama Gaming House Mississauga is a fun filled facility filled with theme nights, bingo, pool, darts, & numerous entertainment!

EAT! DRINK! LAUGH & PLAY! To learn more & plan a visit, please click RAMA MISSISSAUGA

We are very proud to be part of the MCGA.

Here's a peek at the Facebook page with all the fabulous updates Mississauga Charitable Gaming Association

251 Queen Street St S. Mississauga ON, L5M 1L7. Canada

Email Us: Mississauga.FEC@gmail.com

Folklore Ensemble Croatia

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